Wednesday, August 8, 2018

6x6-inch One Sheet Wonder Template

The other day I posted 3 A2 sized cards (4.25x5.5-inches) that I had made from one sheet of 6x6-inch designer cardstock and 1 sheet of 8.5x11-inch colored cardstock.  These were made from a very simple template that I created and it makes a total of 4 cards.  I love One Sheet Wonders because they make card making so simple.  One of my followers asked me to share the template so I’m doing that today as well as an example of what the layouts should look like when you are done.

First I took one sheet of 6x6-inch paper and cut it into the following pieces:


The only thing you need to do once you’ve cut the 6x6-inch cardstock into the 3 pieces is cut the square in half diagonally.

You will need a piece of 8.5x11-inch colored cardstock for your layers that compliments the piece of 6x6-inch cardstock you chose.  Cut this cardstock into 4 equal pieces as shown below:


Now all you need to do is put your cards together.  Easy peasy!  I created some circular pieces for the sentiment and used a border punch to create my scalloped border.  You can do whatever you like to dress yours up.  Below is an example of the layouts.  (Go HERE to see the actual cards).  You can see in my example below that the light pink areas are the 4x5.25-inch layering pieces, and the green, dark pink, and blue areas are from the 6x6-inch piece of cardstock.  Adhere the finished product onto an A2-size card base.

OSW-example card layouts-ocm2018

I hope this is helpful.  I would love to see the cards you create using this template!  I have a “Share With Me Please” feature that you can get to by clicking on the link across the top of this page. 


Just follow the instructions on that page and then drop me a comment to let me know you shared.

Thanks so much and I hope you have a great day!


  1. Thank you Sharon! I love to make quick cards this way and I'm always looking for new ways to do it. Really appreciate your sharing this with us!

    1. My pleasure. It look me a little longer than I expected to create the template and layout diagram so I could post this for you. I might go ahead and create a few more to share in future posts. We'll see...

  2. Thanks for the ideas. I teach 5th grade girls scrapbooking and cards. This looks like a great idea to try to teach them something simple and fun, while making the most use of each piece of paper.


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