Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wait! Is That A Robot I See?!

So, strangely enough I’m sitting here watching Dr. Who (and the dialects, lol) and I wanted to reply with a thank-you to those of you who commented on my Christmas card post.  Imagine my surprise when I noticed the “Please Prove You’re Not A Robot" prompt glaring me in the face.  Now, I dislike word verification as much as the next guy so I need you to know that it wasn’t me who added that little tidbit to my blog.  After some investigation I discovered that Google has indeed come up with this “great” little function to “help” weed out spam and there is no way for me to turn it off.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  >_<

If you are a member of blogger or have another Open ID account, I do believe you can bypass this captcha box and just go ahead publish your comment but I haven’t tested that theory yet.  I’ll update this post if I find out differently.

For now, I do apologize for this annoying addition that Google has so kindly provided us with.

UPDATE:  As long as you are using an Open ID or Google account you can just overlook the Robot Prompt and scroll down to publish your comment.

Christmas Makes 2014

I’ve been gone so long I’m not even sure you’re still with me but I thought I’d take a minute to pop in and share my Christmas cards with you this year so here’s hoping you’re still around to see them.  I am so thankful for my daughter’s help this year.  I pre-cut and colored all the pieces for each of my cards and she helped to assemble them all.  It made the process go so much faster.  The first cards I’m going to share are actually from a Close To My Heart card kit. 




The kit made 5 each of 3 different styles of cards for a total of 15 cards altogether.  I’ve never purchased a CTMH kit before, but I must say, the stamps that came with the kit are incredible!  I’ve never used such wonderfully crisp clear stamps in all my life.



christmas card 2
christmas card 5
christmas card 3


And these are the cards that I pre-cut and assembled with my daughter. I made 5 cards each of the 5 different styles for a total of 25 cards.  The embellishments and images were all stamped, colored (if needed), and then cut with my Cameo Silhouette.


christmas card 6

christmas card 7
christmas card 1 christmas card 8
christmas card 9

(Aren’t those gingies the cutest ever, lol.)

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.  May 2015 be a year filled with many great things and lots of laughter for all of you!