Monday, February 15, 2016

Revived Rejects…

The other day, as I was making my cards for the Ink Layering Techniques Blog Hop, I had sponged a couple of pieces of cardstock with several colors of ink but they weren’t really doing anything for me so I set them aside and continued on with some other techniques and came up with several cards I was happy with.  But, probably like most of you, I hate waste so I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with those leftover rejects.  Still nothing was coming to me so I set them aside again and decided to take some FB time to catch up on my groups.

embossing toolIn my groups, someone shared a product called the Wonder Blox .  It’s used to apply ink to embossed surfaces.  And there it was … an idea began to form. SAM_2273

With a little brainstorming, some adhesive, a couple of pieces of fun foam, and an empty wooden block (leftover from the collection I had after removing my rubber stamps from them) I had my very own Wonder Blox.  Then, I took that boring piece of sponged cardstock, embossed it with one of my cuttlebug folders, and began rubbing some white pigment ink over the top.

It worked like a charm!

  It’s much better than a sponge tool because it just glides across the top, leaving the sponged background free from ink.








Here’s another one I did, except this time I debossed the cardstock and rubbed the pigment ink over the top of the card, leaving the debossed areas ink-free and thus creating a more muted background.








Finally, I had one other reject from the splattering technique I used.  I had splattered a piece of cardstock with various distress inks that I had spritzed with some water.  Then cut it in half on the diagonal.  My original intention was to make 2 cards.  Unfortunately, on the first one I didn’t wait long enough to wrap my string (that I had colored with copics to match the colors of the card) around my card and it smudged all over.  Yes, I’m impatient, no shame here!  The ink smudged on my 2nd card when applying the sentiment so it was a no-go as well.

reject 1

reject 1-1
reject 2 reject 2-1


But like I said earlier, I don’t like waste so instead, I took one of the splattered pieces off the cardstock (and set the other piece aside for a rainy day) and came up with this card…




That’s it for me today.  Make sure to keep checking this blog because there are lots of great things coming your way and I don’t want you to miss out!


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas, Sharon! I don't like to waste either so it is nice to have some ideas.

  2. Sharon! These are fantastic! I absolutely have to try your first technique! I have a few rejects from the February Ink Layering Technique as well and I think this would be a great way to make lemonade out of lemons! And how clever was your save on the second set. I had a similar situation recently...I ended up photo editing it before putting it in my post and then tossed it.

  3. That is great how you reinvented your card! I get so upset when I mess one up; that is a great idea! Love your card!


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