Friday, May 2, 2014

The Friday Freebie & A BIG Thank You

First, I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate your love, care, concern, thoughts, and prayers regarding the situation with my daughter.  Keep praying for her because she really needs them. Please pray for me, too.  This recovery process is not something best handled by the weak but sometimes I feel like I just don’t have the strength to get her through this.  I know that probably sounds terrible but I can’t ask for help if I keep my thoughts to myself.  I know my daughter is in there somewhere but right now ED has the best of her and it’s fighting to keep her trapped in a horrible existence of a life.  ED comes out as anger, fear, sadness, irrationality, anxiousness, irritability, impulsivity, negativity, obsessiveness, and so many other negative characteristics.  And all of these come out at me specifically because I’m “safe”.  Sometimes I honestly feel like a punching bag for her emotions to wreak havoc on.  I often slip away from the room for 5-minutes of sheer, gut-wrenching sobbing until I can pull myself together enough to go back to being the strong momma that she needs me to be.  I have no doubt that she has no desire to act out this way.  She agonizes over feeling so hopelessly helpless that it’s excruciating to watch.  But she also tells me, in moments of clarity, that she loves me, she appreciates me, and she’s so fortunate and blessed to have me for a mother.  And that, my friends, is what makes it all worth it!  We will get through this together.  ED will not win!
Now let’s get to that freebie!!  I didn’t want to leave you guys without a freebie this weekend but I didn’t have the time nor umph to make something new for you either.  So I pulled this out of my bag of projects that I’ve created and put away for a rainy day.  And since it’s been raining all week, I figured what better time than this to share it.  I created this one so many years ago and I’ve improved so much since that time so I hope you think it’s good enough to share.  There is some texture to it but it’s hard to see in the preview.  Today, I’m giving away a 12x12-inch quick page layout.  All you will need to do is print it
As always, click on the link(s) below the preview to download this freebie.  If you love it, leave me a comment.  I always love hearing from you!
Quick Page 001_preview-apieceofheartblog

I’d really love it if you used the “Share With Me” feature that can be found on the toolbar just below the header for this blog to show me the projects you created using my freebie.

Don't forget to come back next week for another Friday Freebie!


  1. Continued prayers for your daughter and you. (((hugs))) and thank you for the freebie. xx

  2. Keep hanging in there. I know it must be hard at times but treasure the good times and keep as strong as you can. Thinking of you both through this difficult time. I'm glad that you are able to keep blogging and use all of us as a sounding board. Don't worry about the freebie - you and your daughter come first. If you miss some weeks that is fine - just a short post so we know you are both making progress.

  3. Sharon please know that we are here for you and that you as a family are in our prayers and may your love for each other keep you strong to keep on climbing this mountain to the top, no matter what it takes.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful page design, so fitting for International Scrapbook Day.
    Caring Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  4. thank you for the freebie and hang in there shi

  5. Saying prayers! Please don't worry about freebies or doing anything extra. Just do the things you feel like doing. Please take good care of yourself also. Sounds like you are doing all you can for your daughter; hope each day gets better!!!


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