Saturday, October 26, 2013

It’s Good To Be Back…

Hi all, I missed you so much while I was away! I wanted to check-in a couple of times while I was away but the hotel had horrible internet and I had to sit on the toilet just to connect, lol. The bathroom was the ONLY place we could connect and even then it wasn’t the best so I didn’t bother to take the time.

I’m glad to be home .. unfortunately, I started to get sick on the last night with a sore throat which has turned into a horrible cold.  I didn’t sleep much last night at all for all the coughing I was doing.  I felt bad for my poor hubby but he said it was okay because he’s still on vacation and didn’t have to get up for work this morning, lol.  I guess the long days and exhausting trekking all around NYC was enough to do me in. But I had fun anyhow. I was glad to be able to veg out in the car yesterday for the ride home, though.

My husband did really well on the trip. If you remember, he had injured the tendons in his knee before we left and we weren't sure how he was going to be with all the walking we were going to be doing. We took it slow and allowed him to rest as needed. The knee brace I bought him helped a lot. We also let him have the day off to rest at the hotel on Wednesday while my girls and I did some girly stuff like shopping and seeing a musical! We had a blast but he was missed .. and when we got back to the hotel at night and asked him if he missed us, too, he said he was getting a little lonely without us. What a sweetheart !

I'm hoping to get downstairs to my craft dungeon later today to make some cards so I’ll come back and post them when they are finished.

Have a great day, everyone, and I’ll “talk” to you all later.


  1. Definitely nice to have you back as well Sharon. So pleased to her that hubby's knee behaved well during the trip. You must now take care of that cold xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Hi Sharon-
    A bit late reading you post - wanted to share you with what I take when a sore throat starts and it works great - 1 tbsp of organic vinegar with 1 tbsp water - mixed - it really works for me - vinegar is a great remedy for many things - have a blessed day and it sounds like you had a very nice time!


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