Sunday, May 19, 2013

Greater Things Are Still To Be Done…

The other day I shared the story of Tim and Sharlene Bosma with you. In that post I shared about a facebook page, which now numbers more than 140,000 people, that was created when Tim was reported missing. 

A few days ago someone on that page suggested that we post where we live to show the Bosma family where the love and prayers are coming from.  As I scrolled through the more than 3,000 comments, I was amazed by just how far-reaching the impact of this horrific tragedy goes.  I copied just a small snippet of what I found:

  • E. Holt; Wiarton, Ontario
  • A. Whalley; Montreal Quebec
  • G. Verhelst; Neerlandia, Alberta
  • S. Macneill; New Brunswick Canada
  • S. Hume; Harrington, PEI
  • N. VanderHeide; Albany, Western Australia
  • L. Green; Marystown, New Foundland
  • J. van Staalduinen; Tennessee
  • S. Bisschop; Lynden, Washington
  • M. DeBeer; Izmir, Turkey
  • C. Miller; British Virgin Islands
  • M. Kraaijeveld; Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • D. Nielsen-Patton; Abilene,Texas
  • H. Brown; Yarmouth Nova Scotia
  • D. DeJong; South Bend, Indiana
  • S. Aantjes; Kona, Hawaii
  • Z. Smoker; Tokyo, Japan
  • N. Berg; Colorado Springs, CO
  • C. V D Beek; Reghin Romania EU
  • E. Haugen; Norway (Europe)
  • B. Koetsier; Edinburgh, Scotland
  • D. Kranenburg; Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • J. Hodder King; Southern California
  • J. Janice Barnhoorn; Jos, Nigeria
  • J. McIntyre; Southport North Carolina
  • M. Siebenga Hoogland; Managua, Nicaragua
  • A. Vander Wier; Whitehorse, Yukon
  • A. Ecclesiastes; Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • N. Decker; Grobbendonk, Belgium
  • B. Vanderlaan; Weiterstadt, Germany
  • E. Westerhoff; Corozal, Belize
  • T. Knotts; Hattiesburg, Mississippi
  • D. Jeanne; Normandy, France
  • W. Holmes; Curtis, Austria
  • L. Devries-Radun; Split, Croatia
  • M. Cromie; Ireland

Amazing, right?!  When I see places like Turkey, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Nicaragua, and so many others in this vast world of ours, I know that God is at work among his people.  People from all over the world have come together to support this family in love, prayers and some even financially by giving to the trust fund that was set up for Sharlene and the baby. 

Tim was found dead almost a week ago and yet people are still showing up to encourage, pray for, and love this family.  In a world where evil is so prevalent, it comforts my heart to know that there is still much good left in it.

Yes, God is definitely at work.

God Of This City! He IS at work!!

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