Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Bonanza Day 2

A few more cards to share with you today…



Don’t look too close at this one … the hand printing is horrid, lol.    The little snowman is cute, though, isn’t he.






This next card is one of my favorites.  I just love the little angel girl so much.  Coloring her was fun.  You’ll be seeing more of her on another card later. SAM_0269


I colored her wings and crown with a silver metalic marker.  Her dress, hair and the Christmas ornament were coloured with copics.

The entire image was created using my Silhouette Cameo  machine.  First I printed the image and then had the cameo cut it, leaving a medium border around it.




Don’t look too closely at this next one, either.  SAM_0250You probably can’t tell but the green flag in the middle is upside down, lol.  I cut it out and then realized that I cut the triangular tip off on the wrong end.  Nothing I could do about it since I didn’t realize it until it was already glued down on the card.  Oh well…win some, lose some, lol.





The baker’s twine is homemade using my copics and some white twine.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love this trick.  It’s easy to do and much cheaper as well!

The “joy” embellishment is a die-cut that I had in my stash.

So that’s it for now but stay tuned for more a little later on.


  1. Sharon these are lovely, very difficult to choose a favourite.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

    1. Thanks, Desire. I'm kind of hard on myself and what I expect I should achieve in a card so if it's not just right then it goes on my so-so list, lol. I only grade myself this way though. I'm really not that critical of anyone else's creations.

  2. Sharon, what wonderful cards these are! Each is special and has its own appeal. Your writing on the first one is not horrid at all. And as for the upside down flag on the third one - been there, done that!! Part of the charm of original works of art!
    Do you mean that you color all of those little stripes onto white baker's twine?????? Oh my, the mess I would make if trying to do that myself. You'll have to tell me if there is a way that you get it lined up and spaced out evenly like that. Remarkable!!

    1. Hi, Darlene. I like what you said about the charm of original works of art. I'll have to remember that, lol. As far as the baker's twine goes, yes, I do add the lines with copic markers. I wrap the twine around a ruler (the wider the better) and then I color the lines on a diagonal with the copic markers. I'll try to remember to take a picture next time I do it.


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